Constructions and Real Estate

SHIRKE AND COMPANY became a symbol of self-reliance for the generation that followed. The Company strides ahead confidently, discovering new roles for itself. With expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the industry, it has marched on an unhindered and unabated path of offering quality service in terms of engineering jobs. SHIRKE AND COMPANY offers proactive services to address different needs of different clients. With a flexible approach we have been able to offer a personalized service that in turn has helped us to win over the trust of our Architect, Project Management Consultant & Client and establish long lasting relations with them.

Our Path of success begins from constant emphasis on quality and service as a driving force, to create an environment for the client that reflects their wishes & the themes of the Architects. We are completely dedicated to the projects awarded by the Architects & Clients, with consideration for their available time, maximizing their value for money. Our services are based on the policies of honesty and integrity to offer them the best.

Our skilled team of deeply accomplished and dedicated personnel has gone a long way in earning us accolades & projects. The resource base is broad enough to enable us to operate in shifts round the clock. With such a formidable infrastructure of men and equipment, fuelled by a persistent spirit of excellence, it continues to inspire us to take up more challenging assignments.

The rapid and result-oriented planning of activities has obtained the Company recognition from the Consultants and Clients. Repeat assignments are a way of life at SHIRKE AND COMPANY.